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Carpet Cleaning Tips: From the Pros at PRO!

Spring Cleaning for your Carpet
PRO Cleaning Tip
for March 2011:

Spring Cleaning for Your Carpet and Upholstery

Spring cleaning sounds like so much work! Do you love it? Do you... well, dread it? In March, the pros from PRO bring you a few general tips for spring cleaning when it comes to carpet, upholstery, area rugs and other specialty fibers. Our advice, and our staff, are at your service to make even the toughest spring cleaning a breeze!

Spring Cleaning: Specialty Fiber Care

1. Thinking about using a spray spot cleaner? You may be right on. However, some spot removal chemicals may not be a good fit for your particular fiber - check first! Read the complete product label. Then, for carpets, check with your manufacturer for best cleaning practices (a toll-free number is usually offered); and for area rugs and upholstery, check product labels.
2. A spot test will put your mind to rest! If you're ready to go ahead with using an in-home chemical treatment on your carpet or upholstery, test first. A spot test in a corner of your carpeted room, or the reverse side of your sofa cushion will ensure that fiber color will remain unaffected with use, saving you time and money!
3. Start with water: its a natural cleaner, and sometimes can rid you of a spill, stain or odor on it's own. If possible, this is always the best option for your fibers, and for the environment.
4. Use clean, white towels or white socks as an alternative. Towels with printing or color, when used on carpet or other fibers, can transfer their color in unexpected (and unwanted!) ways.
5. Easy does it! Rubbing and scrubbing, with too much pressure or even a pad or bristle brush, can damage your carpet fibers, causing splitting and fraying that may affect the look and feel of your carpet or upholstery permanently.
6. Blotting stained or affected areas of upholstery and carpet is always the safest way to protect carpet fibers - remember, use clean, color-free, soft and absorbent materials to remove stains and odors.
7. Odor removal and freshening sprays are great - adding a clean scent to your room or fibers. If these solutions work for you, use on! However, when fresheners just don't do the trick, maybe it's time to give us a call for carpet and upholstery deep cleaning that will bring true freshness to your home.
8. Vinegar is a clean, and green, solution! Check out our vinegar recipe from February's tip - it's good for odor and stain removal, and is a great next step if plain water isn't doing the job.
9. Call us with your questions! Cleaning spots from carpets, area rugs or upholstery may seem a little daunting, but simplifying your process and using these tips can help. If you're still not sure, call the pros at PRO! We're always happy to answer your questions about fiber care, and our experts are trained to handle sticky situations with carpet, upholstery, drapery, tile, flooring and even water damage. So, call any time:

Give the pros at PRO a call: 651-645-0244!

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Custom Carpet Cleaning - Safe and Green! When you call the professionals at PRO, we're happy to accommodate your request for a completely green carpet cleaning! Just let us know you prefer vinegar or plain water over standard carpet cleaning products, and we will happily adapt our process to meet your request. We're interested in helping you maintain cleaning standards that meet the special needs or desires of your household. Just ask!

All tips provided by Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are recommendations for a best-practice process and may not be indicated for certain types of fiber. Please check with your manufacturer, manufacturer's warranty or call the professionals at PRO with any questions about the application of this process. This tip is presented as a guideline only, and Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners does not warranty or guarantee results of this process unless recommended for the specific fiber type upon inspection.

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