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We're celebrating over 30 years in business serving the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities area, and hold an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Carpet Cleaning Tips: From the Pros at PRO!

At PRO, we're happy to offer our expertise and solutions for your carpet cleaning and related service needs. Our techs are IICRC certified and in working with a company about to celebrate 30 years serving the Twin Cities, we have the know-how to handle a variety of carpet stains and issues. Welcome to our Carpet Cleaning Tips page, here for your reference about all things carpet cleaning!

Recent Tips:

PRO Carpet Cleaning for Commercial Properties:
Need commercial carpet cleaning? Call us!


Customized Carpet Cleaning PROs
Announcement from PRO:

New Owner!

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners is proud to announce new ownership! Meet Dave Moore, and get a special offer for carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services! New Owner Announcement >


Commercial Facility, Office and Retail Carpet Cleaning


PRO Carpet Cleaning Fall Special 2020:
Spots on Carpet? Don't Despair! We'll Help!

Spot and Stain Removal Cleaning Carpet, Upholstery and Area Rugs


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip May-June:
Rest Easy with Clean Carpeting Minneapolis! 

Child and dog sleeping on carpeting, rest easy


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip About Coronavirus:
Spring Cleaning Tips & Expert Carpet Cleaning Team 

coronavirus questions, carpet cleaning offer


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for Spring:
Spring Cleaning Tips & Expert Carpet Cleaning Team 

Woman in nature, relaxing in sunlight, spring cleaning carpet cleaning offer


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for February:
Clean Carpets You'll Love 

Family, girl with heart balloon on carpeting, carpet cleaning 20% off


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip & Offer for January:
Removing Protein-Based Stains from Carpeting 

Spaghetti spill on carpeting, carpet cleaning 20% off


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for the Holidays:
Ready to Watch Your Holiday Movie Favorites?Couple watching holiday movie on upholstered sofa, upholstery cleaning 20% off



PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for Fall:
Are Your Carpets Back-to-School Ready?

Are your carpets back-to-school ready? Boy reading on carpeting



PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for Summer:
How To Know You Have the Best Carpet Cleaner!

Best Carpet Cleaners, Making an Online Review



PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for June:
Aahh! How To Enjoy Clean Carpet. Fast. >Enjoy Clean Carpeting Fast, Cat Relaxing on Carpet


PRO Carpet Cleaning Tip for May:
Spots on Carpet? How We Handle Spots & Stains >

Spot and Stain Removal Cleaning Carpet, Upholstery and Area Rugs


Our Top 5 Eco Carpet Cleaning Principles
PRO Cleaning Tip:
Our Top 5 Eco Carpet Cleaning Principles

There is a lot of talk about green carpet cleaning or eco carpet cleaning and fiber care, as well as green or eco cleaning practices in general.

We want you to know that we are serious about our efforts to care for your home environment, as well as our planet's larger environment and shared resources. That's why this month we're tackling the topic of Eco Carpet Cleaning! Here, we share our top five guiding principles and offerings when it comes to green or eco carpet and fiber care Read Eco Carpet Care Article >


Spring Cleaning Carpet, Upholstery and Area Rugs
PRO Cleaning Tip:
Spring Cleaning for Your Carpet and Upholstery

Get ready for spring! Spring cleaning can involve hours of intense work, but we have some smart solutions related to carpet cleaning that can make your life easier! This month, the PROs tackle spring cleaning when it comes to carpet, upholstery, area rugs and other specialty fibers. Our staff offer these tips, old and new, and if you're ready for a break, call us for an estimate! Read Spring Cleaning >


FAQ Carpet Cleaning November Carpet Care Tip from PRO: FAQ

This month we're opening a new page including the frequently asked questions we get through calls, inquiries and professional carpet and upholstery care projects! As you may imagine, we get a lot of questions, from "how do you handle tough stains?" to "what about getting homemade slime out of carpet?". Here are just a few >


Getting Your Carpeting to Dry Fast After Carpet CleaningBack To School Carpet Care Tip from the PROs: Dry Carpet Fast

Do you have carpet cleaning (and drying!) questions? We're here to help! Our PROs offer some quick tips to get a quick drying process with your freshly-cleaned carpets. In addition, we have a special carpet cleaning discount offer this month... check out this limited-time carpet cleaning offer for September 2018 at the end of the article Learn more >


Preparing for your carpet cleaning appointment
Summer Carpet Cleaning Tip: Meet the Techs, PRO offers Experience and Certified Expertise

We return with another installment of Meet the Techs for our Summer Carpet Cleaning Tip! In this tip, we introduce our techs, so you can see why we value them so highly! Learn more >


Apparent Carpet Soil vs Real Carpet SoilApparent Carpet Soil vs Real Carpet Soil: The Summer Carpet Care Tip from PRO

Do you ever wonder why carpet, although thoroughly cleaned, remains appearing dingy or dirty? Do you have very old carpeting and wonder why a professional carpet cleaning cannot bring it back to its "like new" state? Apparent soil is a common reason for this occurrence. Learn more >


Demystifying Area Rug Cleaning
March Carpet Care Tip from PRO: Area Rug Cleaning and Care for Oriental, Wool & Silk Rugs

We regularly receive calls about area rug cleaning and care, especially for wool, silk, and oriental rugs. This month, in a special interview with Keith, an experienced area rug tech, we'll cover this topic in detail. Ready to demystify area rug carpet cleaning? Let's talk with the PROs >


How To Remove Slime from Carpeting
Spring Carpet Cleaning Tip: How To Remove Slime From Your Carpeting

Slime-making at home is a very popular craft activity, but while it's fun and easy, it can come with a price: cleanup! Homemade slime comes in many forms with a variety of ingredients, so care must be taken to check manufacturers' recommendations as well as being aware of product combinations that could cause trouble for your carpeting. Read Tip >

Preparing for your carpet cleaning appointment
Fall Carpet Cleaning Tip: Our Techs offer Certified Expertise and Experience

When you are hiring a carpet cleaning service, you're hiring more than just a company and their reputation - you're choosing who will visit your home and perform the work - your carpet cleaning technicians! At PRO, we realize that our technicians make each individual carpet cleaning order the best possible experience for our customers. Being a local company approaching 30 years serving the Minneapolis - Saint Paul area, we see the value in ... Read on!

Preparing for your carpet cleaning appointment
Spring 2016 Carpet Cleaning Tip: Long Distance Carpet Cleaning The Easy Way!

When you are hiring service providers at a distance, whether for a rental property or your own home or business, you want a dependable carpet cleaning provider, experienced with long-distance service. Rest assured that the team at PRO is reliable, and will follow through. Here is a quick-reference checklist for ordering your carpet cleaning service from out of state or a distance! Read on!


Preparing for your carpet cleaning appointment
Carpet Cleaning Tip: Getting Ready for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

When our technicians arrive, they will discuss your carpet cleaning project and any particular concerns or issues you would like to address. You can plan on professionalism and courtesy from start to finish! But many customers ask how they can best prepare for their carpet cleaning visit. Our spring carpet cleaning tip answers that question! Read on!


Cleaning Red Stains in Carpet
Winter Carpet Cleaning Tip: Cleaning Up Cranberries, Red Sauce Stains in Carpeting

'Tis the season for Grandma's homemade cranberries, and vibrant red sauces of all kinds brightening our tables, and sometimes our carpeting! As frustrating as it could be, never fear, the PROs have the answers! Read on!


Vinegar Carpet Cleaning, Living Room
Fall 2014 Carpet Cleaning Tip from PRO:

Vinegar Carpet Cleaning

Plus a special Customer Appreciation Coupon!

We frequently hear from households and businesses that want an eco-friendly alternative to standard carpet cleaning. This month we answer your questions about vinegar carpet cleaning. Also, check below the article for a customer appreciation special! Read on!


Area Rug Cleaning and Stain Removal
Spring 2014 Carpet Cleaning Tip from PRO:

Fine Area Rugs, Plus a special Customer Appreciation Coupon!

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Inc. owner Dan N. and fine area rug specialist Keith discuss what makesarea rug care different. Read on!



Toys For Tots 2013
Holiday 2013 Carpet Cleaning Tip from PRO:

Toys for Tots, 10% For You!

At Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners, we're getting ready for the season of giving! Join us again this holiday season in our effort to collect toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation! We will be collecting toys and offering a special discount to customers who participate by donating a toy! Read on!


Carpet Cleaning Customer Service Call
Autumn 2013 Carpet Cleaning Tip from PRO:

Customer Service:
"Just Give Us a Call!"

Plus a special Customer Appreciation Coupon!

This fall, we're sitting down with Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners Inc. owner Dan N. for a brief interview about customer service. Dan comments about what makes his service and team stand out, and in particular how he welcomes customer calls and questions. Interested? Read on, and look for our special note of thanks at the end of this article!


Customized Carpet Cleaning PROs
Summer 2013 Carpet Cleaning Tip from PRO:

Benefits of Customizing Your Carpet Cleaning Service

No matter the service you are considering, the first thoughts you may have when someone mentions 'customization' may be 'difficult,' 'time-consuming,' or 'expensive'. Since our most recent Spring Tip, the PROs have spoken with many customers who are interested in the benefits of various types of carpet cleaning options. Summer 2013 Customized Carpet Cleaning Tip >

Spring Green Carpet Cleaning
Spring 2013 Carpet Cleaning Tip from PRO: Green carpet cleaning?
Hot water extraction?
What is my carpet
cleaning footprint?

With the recent executive order issued by Governor Mark Dayton instructing all state agencies to stop buying products containing triclosan, many individuals and businesses are revisiting their personal contribution to Minnesota's environment at large. Triclosan, as a common agent in hand, laundry and other soaps, has found its way into our lakes and rivers – what else are we contributing and what can we do to improve the care we take regarding our natural resources? 2013 Spring Green Carpet Cleaning >


Holiday Season Carpet Care Tip from PRO: 10% Off, Special Offer! At Professional Carpet &UpholsteryCleaners, we're getting ready for the season of giving! Join us this holiday season in our effort to collect toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation! We will be collecting toys and offering a special discount to our customers who participate by donating a toy! Read more about our 10% off discount, valid through November and December 14, for carpet cleaning services! 2012 Toys For Tots Holiday Carpet Cleaning Offer >

Back-to-School, Carpet Cleaning Tips
PRO Cleaning Tip
for Autumn 2012:

Back-to-School Cleaning Ideas for Your Carpet and Upholstery

Over time, the PROs at Professional Carpet & Upholstery have offered some great time-saving (and carpet-saving!) tips, for everything from red stains in carpet to pet odor removal. This month, as our Summer-Autumn Tip, we'd like to invite you to browse our Carpet Cleaning Tips section for quick carpet care ideas, and we're also posting a variety of links for convenience, including online resources we know and trust. In addition, we're offering a 20% off coupon that you can use all through the month of September for carpet cleaning services! Summer/Autumn Carpet Cleaning Tip >


Browse some other tips from the PROs:

Eco-Friendly: Safe Carpet Cleaning from PRO

Eco-Friendly, Chemical Free Carpet Cleaning
So far this year, we have talked with many customers who are interested in green or chemical-free carpet cleaning. Often, our discussions center on the possibilities for environmentally friendly and safe professional carpet cleaning solutions. We'd like to describe some of the general principles, and get into the details of how we, and you, can make the best selections for professional carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning products. Spring/Summer Carpet Cleaning Tip >


November Tip: No Residue Carpet Cleaning

No Residue Carpet CleaningThis month we're going to cover another topic we've been hearing a lot of questions about: What is No Residue Carpet Cleaning? Thankfully, we have the PROs at Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners LLC to help make sense of the 'No Residue' carpet cleaning process. View November's Carpet Tip >


October Tip: Carpet Drying

Getting Your Carpet Dry After CleaningThe feeling of clean carpeting is fantastic, but sometimes the wait to enjoy your freshly-cleaned carpets can seem long. This month, we'll talk with Dave, lead technician at PRO and get answers to carpet drying questions. October Tip >


September Tip: Back To School

Back to School Carpeting Cleaning Tips
It's an inspiring time of year! Back to school, children are excited about new teachers, new classrooms, friends and activities. But children of any age can bring home trouble that can mean stains for your carpeting. This month, we'll cover a quick list of back-to-school carpet challenges and their solutions.
View September's Carpet Tip



August Tip: When Pet Accidents Happen

Pet Cleanup Carpeting Cleaning Tips
No one's to blame... accidents happen! But cleaning up after pet accidents can be a chore, especially where your carpet is concerned. This month, we'll cover the basic steps to carpet cleanup emergencies...
View Pet Cleanup Tip >

July Tip: Demystifying Carpet Cleaning

Demystifying Carpet Cleaning
We hear a lot of questions about the carpet cleaning process from our customers. In this special interview-style tip, we'll demystify carpet care so you'll be able to recognize quality, ask good...
View Demystifying Tip >

June Carpet Cleaning Tip: Red Spills of Summer

Red Stain in Carpet
Summer months bring sunshine and long-awaited warm days, with cool drinks and treats families and guests love! Snow cones, popsicles, juices, drink mixes and sports drinks in every shape and color are great... View Red Carpet Spills Tip >


May Carpet Cleaning Tip: Meet Our Techs

30 years in Carpet Cleaning
Celebrate 30 years of Service Excellence with us, and meet our technicians! Carpet and fiber care may seem simple, but there's plenty to know in keeping these items in their best condition. That's why the PRO team is serious about IICRC certification, ongoing ... View 30 years/Meet Our Techs Tip >


April Cleaning Tip: Alleviating Allergy Symptoms

Preventing Allergy Symptoms
For allergy sufferers, cleaning is important, especially when it comes to fiber care. Not only that, recommendations regarding hard surface flooring, carpeting... View Carpet & Allergies Tip >


Older, but still relevant carpet cleaning tips:

Cleaning Hairballs in Carpet >
Red Wine Spills in Carpeting >
Removing Candle Wax in Carpeting >


Custom Carpet Cleaning - Safe and Green! When you call the professionals at PRO, we're happy to accommodate your request for a completely green carpet cleaning! Just let us know you prefer vinegar or plain water over standard carpet cleaning products, and we will happily adapt our process to meet your request. We're interested in helping you maintain cleaning standards that meet the special needs or desires of your household. Just ask!

All tips provided by Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners are recommendations for a best-practice process and may not be indicated for certain types of fiber. Please check with your manufacturer, manufacturer's warranty or call the professionals at PRO with any questions about the application of this process. This tip is presented as a guideline only, and Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners does not warranty or guarantee results of this process unless recommended for the specific fiber type upon inspection.

Cleaning Tips from May >

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